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New PC/Console Games to get before Christmas 2016


If you have been searching the internet endlessly for the latest and most fully featured PC Games, then you might be aware how challenging it might be to select an excellent game from the many that are available out there. We help you cut the hassles when investing in PC games and in making an informed decision by highlighting New PC/console games to get before Christmas 2016. These games not only have good graphics, but they also come with exciting challenges and adventures that allow you to experience the nest of gaming in 2016.


Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

The Warrior of the Legend is a combination of top quality action warfare along with some intriguing anime flourish, whereby the main characters are thrown into Persia and have to battle it out to save their lives. The game also comes with several characters that have special capabilities and are tasked with the duty of killing brain dead and zombie-like mooks in the broad variety of maps. The Persian background of the game and the immense level of detail especially the politically charged storyline gave the series the name Arslan.

Axiom Vergesi_wiiuds_axiomverge


This game was developed by Tom Happ, who is also responsible for the production of PGA tour by Tiger Woods and NFL street games as well. Happ became even more creative, and he is a 2D focused game developer who consolidated the best of Castlevania and side scrollers as well to make for an enchanting gaming encounter. According to, the game delivers a refined experience, and even novice players are bound to have some fun with the interesting challenges and taken that this game has to offer.


Dead Island


When the trailer and spoilers for this game were finally released, it was regarded as one of the most touching video game experiences ever to be created in the gaming industry. To be specific, it featured a small child along with her family who massacred by a dead zombie and who is now tasked with saving her life. The game is supported by great musicals and an open world where individuals can kill zombies and craft weapons to suit their battlefield needs.


Dead Rising 2: Off The Recordmaxresdefault-3


Frank West is back in this thriller and action-packed game known as the Dead of the Rising 2. In particular, this series of the game comprises of a special photojournalist who is tasked with the job of killing a broad diversity of monsters and creating new weapons, capturing images and consolidating all these features in an open world full of action. Players can get to slay the undead, but one has to fight it out and complete all the challenges to make I to the other side.







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