The 5 most useful and free video game online guides


Sometimes advancing in a video game is not just as easy as it should be. For players in urgent need of assistance, free strategy guides are definitely the way to go. Whether you need help on one challenge or procedure of the overall game, assistance is there and it does not have to cost you anything.! Here are some sites that will help you win like a real gamer.



GameFAQs hosts tons of free strategy guides to practically all video games, making it the best place on the web for FAQs and walkthroughs. The site has a huge collection covering the games of the current generation as well as classics from the past.

All FAQs are provided by volunteers and, with detailed walkthroughs, include useful features such as lists and item cards. The guides presented by GameFAQs users are in plain text, and for some titles, a link to the well-done GameSpot Game Guide is displayed if available.



IGN has a fine collection of game guides and walkthroughs. New additions to the recently published games are posted weekly.

The guides themselves are well written and include many images. IGN even offers downloadable PDF and PSP-formatted video guides and additional tips, however, you must subscribe to their site’s newsletter.

Super Cheats


Free unofficial strategy guides SuperCheats offer a lot of help on some of the most popular games. Cannot find the game you want? Many walkthroughs and text-based FAQ are also included in the index page of each title.

Some of the guides of the same website address specific sections of the game if you need more in-depth support.



GamePressure offers more than 170 free and well written strategy guides. Like other websites, a detailed walkthrough of the game is always included, but it is also typical to see additional useful things like lists of achievements or trophies and advice to the side missions and challenges others.



StrategyWiki is a collaborative wiki and freely licensed for free and walkthroughs, strategy guides. The unique format allows multiple editors and is constantly updated for improvements or corrections. Also, instead of jumping across multiple platforms walkthroughs text from various authors like most other places, StrategyWiki simply provides a guide for each game.

That said, the site guides are made for popular titles. Unfortunately, many walkthroughs are missing info or are incomplete, so be on the lookout for that.

Where do you get your strategy guides from the players? Let us know in the comments.

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