FIFA 2017 vs PES 2017 – which one should you buy?


Just as there is a rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid, this also exists in video games, with FIFA and PES. But at the end of the day which of these is the best?

We got more than half the year before launch, rumors and news around these games is just like expected, evolution and improvement graphs, playing engine, new game modes, and so on… Let’s highlight some strengths and weaknesses of both games, so you can then decide which is the best.

FIFA 2017

FIFA took the lead in the news release. A new game mode was announced, the story mode (the same style as NBA 2K), where you will live the life of a player, like a movie.

Another very interesting point to note is the gameplay and the large number of teams incorporate in FIFA. These are clearly the strongest features of the game. The graphics engine has also been modified, leaving the Ignite and entering the Frostbite, same engine used in games such as Star Wars and Battlefields.

The lack of licensed Brazilian teams is a serious sin of this game. But to compensate for it, EA has announced that Chinese teams will be featured in FIFA 2017, with all the new amazing players.

The game has an exclusive contract with the Serie A (Italian league), where players and faces were captured. In the video below, you can track some of the new features, and check on the in-game faces.

PES 2017

But what about the rival FIFA? What’s new?

Well, Konami hasn’t really announced any significant news, apart from a small improvement on the FOX engine, leaving the game a little more fluid and natural. Regarding graphics and licensing international competitions (Cup liberators, Champions League, Europa League, AFC League, etc.), Konami, nailed it and ended up passing his rival back.

A strong point of the franchise from Konami, is the licensing of Brazilian teams, that just as in the previous version, has contracts with Flamengo and Corinthians already closed. A very interesting thing is the “adaptation” of the computer controlled players, in the new version, if a player has a lot of chances, or you’re playing well, the individual marking will increase considerably.

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