5 of the best Top rated Fps Games to look out for in 2016


PC games are evolving at a faster rate than expected. As a result, this speed of evolution has forced PC and Laptop manufacturers to up their game in terms of enhancing system requirements to keep up with the changes. We are now beginning to see next-generation graphics being incorporated into these games, and that’s because gaming enthusiasts now want a more realistic playing experience. Therefore, for those who are looking up to 2016 FPS games, there is more than can be swallowed. 2016 FPS games are cute to look at and fun to play as well. That is why we’ve rounded up a list of the top-rated First Person Shooter games to inspire you.



Top rated Fps Games 2016



1 Overwatch



There’s a lot of first-person shooting experience hiding inside Overwatch. You have 22 heroes to choose from, and each one of them have unique fighting skills which make them radically different from others. Overwatch makes you fight to get points or push payloads. If not, then you’re going to stop the enemy from pushing their payload on your behalf.



Overwatch is considered one of the best FPS games in 2016, thanks to the intense activity and colorful aesthetics which is inspired by none other than Pixar. And the best thing is that the developer is looking forward to supporting this game now and in the future with fresh content, and it’s all free of charge.