The Crown Leyton is an informative and independent website that focuses on the gaming industy. We seek to transmit information through a solid and competent writing, with no typos or aggressive language.

The Crown Leyton was founded on May 18, 2016 by Anthony Lopes and at the beginning it was just a blog with a very rudimentary design which was used to publish some of his own analysis. His passion for technology has led to the growth of the site, expanding not only visually but also in terms of content.

Seeing that he could not be the only one writing, Lopes opened its site to more writers, powering the blog with a team of passionate writers.

We grew from a simple blog, to a website that aims to provide quality content from our competent team of writers. We consider advertising and excessive use of popups, visual pollution, so we try to minimize the number of ads on our site. We want our readers to have an amazing user experience, that’s one of our main objectives!

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