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Top quality Games On Tablets


Gaming has been improving on all fronts especially when it comes to the handheld devices games that are available out there today. In fact, going some few years back, it would have seemed a little far-fetched if someone were to tell you could play God of War or World of warcraft on your handheld devices. Nowadays, games are constantly improving and upgrading their graphics, audio and game challenges to make them an excellent addition to your tablet. It’s important to note that the hardware and software features of your tablet play an important role when selecting your games.


Asphalt 8: Airborne


Up until now, barely any racing games have the same level of longevity and Asphalt 8 Airborne. To be specific, the game comes with a broad spectrum of excellent content such as single player game modes, multiplayer races, unlockable content along with consistent updates that allow users to add content and music tracks as well. The computer graphics are decent and should work well on any on your handheld devices




While Badland might not seem challenging at first, the game comprises of side scrolling runner where players must dodge obstacles and keep the ever-rolling screen from consuming you whole. Nonetheless, once you set your fingers into this game, you will notice how intriguing it can become at some point. In fact, it features a real-time multiplayer and action packed adventure mode, and users are also allowed to make updates for their games. Further lending to the action-packed nature of Badlands, is that it features special audio and video effects to provide an immersive gaming experience.




This game was released in 2016 and is already the most prevalent Android game to ever be created. To be specific, it demonstrated the encounters of an intergalactic trucker who has an accident on an alien planet. Gamers are tasked with finding their main job missions, build a base and collect various items as well as to work to save the world from invasion. According to , the Crashlands game for tablets features a brilliant RPG for character development and various items that one can collect and develop various weapons for in-game action.


Fallout shelterdownload-1


This game was released for gameplay and easily qualifies on our list of top quality games on tablets. This is because the game allows users to populate a special fallout shelter and then try to populate the area with people. Besides that, users can also manage their items such that every aspect is running efficiently. At some point in the game, you can send your team into the ganglands for food resources and medicine supplies, all while trying to stop attacks from the others.






Best Online sites to find deals this Christmas on consoles


The festive season is just around the corner, and it is that time of the year when the when the consumer market is packed with a broad spectrum of offers for products. The added benefit is that online shopping has made it more convenient for shoppers to obtain their desired items even at the comforts of their hopes. More so, online sites provide a better perspective when it comes to settling for products thereby reducing the likelihood of suffering from buyer’s remorse. In other words, you can peruse through the customer reviews and view the product rating such that you make an informed decision with the best online site to find deals Christmas on consoles.8-bit-tv-video-game-console-with-1-game-cassetecartridge-0




Amazon otherwise referred to as Amazon is an American Based shopping company that provides both online shopping and cloud computing services as well. Although the company was initially started as a store for selling books, the company has over the years diversified its products regime to include Blu-rays, video, CD and DVDs amongst various other electronic items. Besides that, Amazon has also delved into the production of consumer items such as video games, electronic and software amongst several other essential forms of consumer goods.




Etsy Is a peer to peer based e-commerce platform that is focused on the production of vintage items and handmade supplies along with various factory manfucutered products. The items encompass a broad spectrum of items including clothing, art, photography, beauty products and knick-knacks amongst various other consumer items. However, the vintage items must be at least 20 years old, and the site allows for special o%e9%80%81%e6%96%99%e7%84%a1%e6%96%99-%e3%82%a4%e3%83%b3%e3%83%818pvt3-5%e3%83%93%e3%83%83%e3%83%88%e3%81%ae%e3%83%9d%e3%82%b1%e3%83%83%e3%83%88%e3%82%b2%e3%83%bc%e3%83%a0%e6%90%ba%e5%b8%af%e3%82%b2ffers where shoppers can procure items at highly affordable prices.




Newegg is also one of the best online sites to find deals this Christmas on consoles since it is a retailer of computer software and hardware as well. The shopping platform is located in California, and the egg symbol depicts the infinite potential. The developers of this online site chose the name to symbolize the new ambition during an era where e-commerce businesses were considered as struggling to thrive in the consumer market. However, Newegg has managed to become a major cornerstone when it comes to online shopping.




Rakuten is a Japanese based electronic commerce web site and is regarded as one of the largest shopping platforms in Japan. According to , the company was founded in 1997 and the word Rakuten stands for optimism. The company specializes in the supply of several consumer items including Television sets, DVS, computers, Gaming consoles and various other items to the consumer market. Besides that, the company delivers its products to several countries in the world.




Top Rated PC/Console Games Worth the Investment


New PC/Console Games to get before Christmas 2016


If you have been searching the internet endlessly for the latest and most fully featured PC Games, then you might be aware how challenging it might be to select an excellent game from the many that are available out there. We help you cut the hassles when investing in PC games and in making an informed decision by highlighting New PC/console games to get before Christmas 2016. These games not only have good graphics, but they also come with exciting challenges and adventures that allow you to experience the nest of gaming in 2016.


Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

The Warrior of the Legend is a combination of top quality action warfare along with some intriguing anime flourish, whereby the main characters are thrown into Persia and have to battle it out to save their lives. The game also comes with several characters that have special capabilities and are tasked with the duty of killing brain dead and zombie-like mooks in the broad variety of maps. The Persian background of the game and the immense level of detail especially the politically charged storyline gave the series the name Arslan.

Gaming Laptops Worth the Money In 2016



When it comes to entertaining yourself, there are various solutions out there that one can easily choose for their unique needs. For instance, the realms of the technological world have been improving over the years and are nowadays simply amazing. These particular technological upswings have since then overlapped into the gaming tech industry and gamers nowadays are spoilt for choice when it comes to investing in a top quality unit for their unique gaming needs.


Alienware AW15R2-1546SLV 15.6 Inch FHD Laptop


Unleash your gaming prowess with the Alienware AW15R2-1546LV that comes with a special design that provides gamers with what they need. For instance, it comes with a unique Alienware 15 technology that is built for compactness and without causing any sacrifice on performance. Besides that, the PC has been developed using aerospace-inspired carbon that provides styled stiffness and impressive durability. Besides that, it also comes with special copper heat sinks that allow for efficient cooling and excellent throttle graphics for an unrivaled performance. The inclusion of DDR3 Ram and 6TH generation processor lets you take on your games with flawless results.

5 of the best Top rated Fps Games to look out for in 2016


PC games are evolving at a faster rate than expected. As a result, this speed of evolution has forced PC and Laptop manufacturers to up their game in terms of enhancing system requirements to keep up with the changes. We are now beginning to see next-generation graphics being incorporated into these games, and that’s because gaming enthusiasts now want a more realistic playing experience. Therefore, for those who are looking up to 2016 FPS games, there is more than can be swallowed. 2016 FPS games are cute to look at and fun to play as well. That is why we’ve rounded up a list of the top-rated First Person Shooter games to inspire you.



Top rated Fps Games 2016



1 Overwatch



There’s a lot of first-person shooting experience hiding inside Overwatch. You have 22 heroes to choose from, and each one of them have unique fighting skills which make them radically different from others. Overwatch makes you fight to get points or push payloads. If not, then you’re going to stop the enemy from pushing their payload on your behalf.



Overwatch is considered one of the best FPS games in 2016, thanks to the intense activity and colorful aesthetics which is inspired by none other than Pixar. And the best thing is that the developer is looking forward to supporting this game now and in the future with fresh content, and it’s all free of charge.

How has the smartphone changed the video game industry?


Yes, the video games industry is changing. And future generations of players are on track to reshuffle the cards in the market. While kids have always started playing on consoles and PC, the advent of smartphones and tablets changes everything. Today, children prefer the traditional mobile PC and consoles.

This is a study published by NPD Group reveals startling figures on the video game market. Whereas previously the PC and consoles were the media set favorite children, they are now victims of their disaffection. Our kids have found new playthings most fun: smartphones and tablets.

According to the study, 63% of children play video games with a smartphone or tablet . 45% play computer but from users of PCs reduced by 20% in just two years.

The most important development and the most surprising in the ecosystem of the game in 2015 is the disaffection of young people toward computers (…) In the past, the computer was considered the entry point for the game video for most children, but the game has changed now that the mobile has entered this segment. – Liam Callahan, NPD analyst –


The advent of smartphones and tablets has transformed the lives of adults but also children. In the home or on the go, smartphones and tablets are at hand. And their use is extremely intuitive.

Moreover, the question of the price of games is also very important. Today a console game can reach 70 euros! Most games on smartphones and tablets are free and they are paying it rarely exceed the 10 euros. On this point there is no comparison. And you, do you have children around you who play video games? If so, on what media?

FIFA 2017 vs PES 2017 – which one should you buy?


Just as there is a rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid, this also exists in video games, with FIFA and PES. But at the end of the day which of these is the best?

We got more than half the year before launch, rumors and news around these games is just like expected, evolution and improvement graphs, playing engine, new game modes, and so on… Let’s highlight some strengths and weaknesses of both games, so you can then decide which is the best.

FIFA 2017

FIFA took the lead in the news release. A new game mode was announced, the story mode (the same style as NBA 2K), where you will live the life of a player, like a movie.

Another very interesting point to note is the gameplay and the large number of teams incorporate in FIFA. These are clearly the strongest features of the game. The graphics engine has also been modified, leaving the Ignite and entering the Frostbite, same engine used in games such as Star Wars and Battlefields.

The lack of licensed Brazilian teams is a serious sin of this game. But to compensate for it, EA has announced that Chinese teams will be featured in FIFA 2017, with all the new amazing players.

The game has an exclusive contract with the Serie A (Italian league), where players and faces were captured. In the video below, you can track some of the new features, and check on the in-game faces.

PES 2017

But what about the rival FIFA? What’s new?

Well, Konami hasn’t really announced any significant news, apart from a small improvement on the FOX engine, leaving the game a little more fluid and natural. Regarding graphics and licensing international competitions (Cup liberators, Champions League, Europa League, AFC League, etc.), Konami, nailed it and ended up passing his rival back.

A strong point of the franchise from Konami, is the licensing of Brazilian teams, that just as in the previous version, has contracts with Flamengo and Corinthians already closed. A very interesting thing is the “adaptation” of the computer controlled players, in the new version, if a player has a lot of chances, or you’re playing well, the individual marking will increase considerably.

The 5 most useful and free video game online guides


Sometimes advancing in a video game is not just as easy as it should be. For players in urgent need of assistance, free strategy guides are definitely the way to go. Whether you need help on one challenge or procedure of the overall game, assistance is there and it does not have to cost you anything.! Here are some sites that will help you win like a real gamer.



GameFAQs hosts tons of free strategy guides to practically all video games, making it the best place on the web for FAQs and walkthroughs. The site has a huge collection covering the games of the current generation as well as classics from the past.

All FAQs are provided by volunteers and, with detailed walkthroughs, include useful features such as lists and item cards. The guides presented by GameFAQs users are in plain text, and for some titles, a link to the well-done GameSpot Game Guide is displayed if available.



IGN has a fine collection of game guides and walkthroughs. New additions to the recently published games are posted weekly.

The guides themselves are well written and include many images. IGN even offers downloadable PDF and PSP-formatted video guides and additional tips, however, you must subscribe to their site’s newsletter.

Super Cheats


Free unofficial strategy guides SuperCheats offer a lot of help on some of the most popular games. Cannot find the game you want? Many walkthroughs and text-based FAQ are also included in the index page of each title.

Some of the guides of the same website address specific sections of the game if you need more in-depth support.



GamePressure offers more than 170 free and well written strategy guides. Like other websites, a detailed walkthrough of the game is always included, but it is also typical to see additional useful things like lists of achievements or trophies and advice to the side missions and challenges others.



StrategyWiki is a collaborative wiki and freely licensed for free and walkthroughs, strategy guides. The unique format allows multiple editors and is constantly updated for improvements or corrections. Also, instead of jumping across multiple platforms walkthroughs text from various authors like most other places, StrategyWiki simply provides a guide for each game.

That said, the site guides are made for popular titles. Unfortunately, many walkthroughs are missing info or are incomplete, so be on the lookout for that.

Where do you get your strategy guides from the players? Let us know in the comments.